Wood Jack Inc.

From the logo design to downloadable promotional material, Wood-Jack was meant to stand out. The company logo was conceptualised during our free brainstorming session.  The logo works well as an anchor for the entire website, and is designed in such a way as to work effectively when it’s seen in both small and large sizes.  The logo looks great in print, on the website, and on mobile devices.

The purpose of the site was to clearly show off and advertise the work Wood-Jack does and to “wow” the audience.  To achieve that, the website shows full-screen, professional photos of Wood-Jack’s projects, while the navigation and content overlay the photography in an elegant, transparent fashion.  The design’s color scheme has been worked into the hues of wood, creating a warm, pleasant impression on the viewers.  The effective combination shows off the elaborate work that Wood-Jack wishes to advertise.

Careful attention has been given to the design and flow of the website so that the navigation and structure flow well together and emphasize the company’s projects.

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Client Testimonial:

Power On Design provided me with an outstanding new website. Their team is excellent across the board. From graphic design to technical expertise, they are all very talented and hard working professionals. Maciek and his team worked closely with me on every step and they communicated with me daily as needed, on the status of the site.