W2 Logistic

W2 Logistic Inc’s founders had a big vision for their company’s web presence.  Being a trucking company, W2 Logistic Inc is all about the largest vehicles on the highway.  In the same fashion the founders envisioned a big and bold design for the website.  During our free brainstorming session with the founders, we decided that the site and the photography were to take the center stage, and use all the screen real-estate that was available.  The resulting design is adaptive to multiple monitors, and works to always fill the entire screen.

The site’s information was logically organized and put together under a hierarchical navigation system.  This makes the most pertinent information about the company readily available, while the hierarchical navigation makes it easy to go to additional sub-sections of the website.

The W2’s logo was redesigned and modernized to give an impression of a somewhat winding road that twists and turns on a diamond-shaped background.  The logo will stand out more, and be better recognizable than the company’s former logo.  It will be used in the company literature, and painted on it’s trucks and trailers.

Apart from the strong visual presence, the site harbors useful tools for drivers and customers alike, tools that help W2’s business processes.  Site visitors can now apply for credit as well as fill out driver qualification and screening applications.  This helps W2 streamline a formerly paper-based process.

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