Counseling and Diagnostic Center of Woodfield, Ltd.

Presence is a key aspect of effective web design.  CDC Woodfield is an example of a design with strong presence while conveying a gentle, hopeful, and calming imagery for the website visitors.  Such imagery allows the website visitors to immediately start building trust with our client, a client whose services depend on such trust.

The website and implementation implements gentle imagery that blends itself with a full-screen slideshow-like background.  The main challenge here solved by Power On Design was making this design work equally well on a monitor as well as on mobile devices.  Throughout this process was to gently engage the visual sense of the visitors while allowing them to learn about the services CDC Woodfield offers throughout their journey on the website.

For this project, our photographers were also employed to professionally photograph the CDC staff and the interior of their offices, to further convey the inviting atmosphere and allow the visitors to have a sense of trust about giving CDC a call and scheduling an appointment.

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