AK Electric

From the 50’s flair logo, to the expertly written site content, AK Electric has a rather atypical approach to it’s image. In the Fifties, life was simpler and electric appliances just started taking off.  AK Electric wanted to convey that vintage and happy feeling along with an expression AK’s integrity in it’s work.

The visual presence of AK Electric is brought to life on the web through responsive design, allowing it to work seamlessly on mobile devices and traditional computer monitors.  The content of the site was written by our in-house copywriter –  a service that we offer to all our clients.  Particular focus was placed on making the website as usable as possible, thus improving the user experience and making it easy for the user to see what AK Electric has to offer.  At Power On Design we always focus on good usability when designing websites.  This eliminates frustration website visitors may have with websites that aren’t designed with usability in mind.  Ultimately we consider how the visitors interact with the website, and strive to make that interaction as frustration-free as possible.

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